Here you can find a selection of some live recordings. 
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Young Classicals - A Session
The concept of Young Classicals was put into practise when we recorded our first Session ever with Annemieke Breunesse. The Paushuize in Utrecht accommodated one of their beautiful ballrooms. Enjoy Debussy's 2nd Arabesque! 
Recorded February 2016


Here's the live recording of the premiere of Peter-Jan Wagemans' 'The Bell and the Maiden', specially written for me! Recorded Jurriaanse Zaal, de Doelen, 27th of November 2017. Enjoy! 


M. Flothuis - Pour le tombeau d'Orphee op. 37
June 2016


I. Yun - Duo for harp and cello
With Asako Kanazawa
June 2016


A. Jolivet - Prelude pour harpe
June 2015