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Annemieke Breunesse began playing the harp when she was eleven years old at "Het Klooster", Woerden. At the age of fourteen she was admitted to the Young Talent Class of the Utrecht Conservatory, studying with professor Erika Waardenburg. She successfully obtained her Bachelor and Masters degree, graduating with a 9 in June 2016. 

Annemieke won several prizes; second prize at the 'Nederlands Harpconcours' (2006) and prize winner 'Prinses Christina Concours' (2010), 'SJMN Concours' (2011). She received masterclasses from Gwyneth Wentink, Edward Witsenburg, Andrew Lawrence-King, Eleanor Bennet, Skaila Kanga, and Sivan Magen.

Annemieke’s true passion lies within the realm of contemporary music and she enjoys collaborating with composers, developing new repertoire for the harp. She regularly works with composers like Peter-Jan Wagemans, Jan-Peter de Graaff, Zacharias S. Falkenberg, Jeroen d'Hoe, and Ned McGowan. Since May 2015 she is the harpist of AKOM Ensemble, an ensemble for contemporary classical music based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. AKOM Ensemble is dedicated to bringing novel contemporary repertoire of young composers to the public. She has also collaborated with the DoelenEnsemble, Rotterdam.

In July 2017 she received the honor to be appointed as president of the composers' collective Shapeshift, which is an innovative flexible ensemble founded by five composers; Jan-Peter de Graaff, Janco Verduin, Reza Namavar, Christiaan Richter, Maxim Shalygin, and percussionist Konstantyn Napolov. 
Furthermore, she was honored with a solo piece, 'The Bell and the Maiden', specially written for her by Peter-Jan Wagemans, which she gave a successful premiere at the Doelen, Rotterdam, in november 2017.

"Powerful stage presence.."
"Beautiful tone and rich soundscapes.." 
"Richness of tone of exceptional level.."
"Expressive playing, full of temperament; from subtle and refined to gripping.."
"Transcending the harp, continuously captivating.."

Jury, Master of Music